We’ve created a robust VIRTUAL marketplace that provides a one-stop shop for vendors, who need to reach customers without all the overhead of a brick-and-mortar location—and, most importantly, without losing out on sales.

Brand awareness

Get access to cutting-edge tools that will help you make you promote your brand and sell your products.

reach a wider audience

Reach a much larger market than you would if you were only selling products from your own website. 


Welcome To iKon Mall

Our virtual 3D shopping mall is the first of its kind! It’s an immersive online experience that allows users to “walk into” stores, view products, and purchase them all while they browse.

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Our virtual 3D shopping platform is the first of its kind! It’s an immersive in app and Metaverse experience that allows users to “walk into” stores, view products, and purchase them all while they are able to move in our shopping mall 360 degrees.

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We also provide a seamless sopping experience in our 2D shopping feature called “Shop Local”, where users can simply purchase products from vendors on our platform and have them delivered in up to the same hour or shipped to their location.

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Your shop can be customized to fit your brand’s identity and personality , and facilitates a highly-interactive shopping experience.

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Why Choose iKon Mall?

iKon Mall offer shoppers an interactive experience with your product.

iKon Mall offers shoppers a simple and fast shopping experience using our 2D shopping feature. This gives shoppers a chance to support local businesses across the United States. Our virtual mall gives shoppers a way to enjoy a real-life shopping experience while viewing running ads, 3D stores, virtual interaction with other avatars, plus more.

With iKon Mall have both a 2D and 3D feature this allows your brand to be apart of a large amount of cross-branding. While a user may be walking in our virtual mall to 1 store, they still have to pass yours to get there. If the user is shopping in our 2d feature for a certain product, they will have the capability to see yours front and center.

Our 3D mall and 2D shopping feature will give vendors a chance to advertise their business in app by scrolling banners, live advertisements on our 3d jumbotron, and in app pop-ups.

This allows vendors to receive in app organic traffic back to their store.

Unique iKon Mall BENEFITS

iKon Mall interface puts your products in front of the eyes of millions of customers every day.

Small Business Impact​

The goal of iKon Mall our platform is to provide small businesses with the maximum amount of resources for them to achieve milestones and goals at a quicker pace than if they did it alone.


Vendors will have access to analytics making it easy to see what products are selling well and which ones need improvement on their features or price point. You’ll also know exactly how many people are visiting your store each day/week/month etc.

Reduced Overhead Costs.

Virtual shopping malls do not require a physical location, which means you can skip out on the expenses that come with renting or buying a building.

Improving Brand Experience​

iKon Mall provides you with new opportunities for community-building and brand awareness—not only by putting you in touch with new customers but also by allowing you to be in full control of your brand and the shopping experience you provide in it

How It Works

On launch day :


Download the app and register to become a vendor. When registration for the 3d mall become available you will be able to pre-register online.


All 2D stores are automatically approved upon registration. You can start uploading product images and customizing your store.


Lay back and watch the revenue increase.

The Only APP You Will Need​

iKon Mall will help you maximize your efficiency with minimal effort, which is why we recommend it as a major part of your conversion strategy.


It allows customers to interact with products in a way that makes more sense to them than a 2D image.

It allows your store to reach a broader market without having to spend money on expanding physical stores.

It makes it much easier for customers to find what they’re looking for, which leads to higher customer satisfaction and fewer customer service calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of a 3D Virtual Shopping Mall versus an online retailer?
  • Unlike a website or app for a traditional retailer, our iKon Mall has all of the benefits of an actual shopping mall—namely, the ability to browse lots of different retailers at once without having to select each one individually.

  • How much does it cost?
  • There’s no cost to sign up, and there are no additional costs beyond what you’d pay if customers shopped directly with each retailer individually. We don’t mark up prices or take any cuts.

  • What devices are compatible with this App??
  • The iKon Mall runs on any phone or tablet device that has a current operating system, and it also works with any computer.

  • I'm worried about my privacy. How secure is iKon Mall?
  • We take your privacy very seriously. All of the stores will use industry-standard SSL encryption for financial transactions; we do not keep any payment information on file on our servers, and all orders are shipped in unmarked packages for extra privacy. 

  • Can customers leave a review of a product?
  • Yes! Customers are encouraged to leave reviews after purchasing items from your stores. Leaving a review helps other customers know what they should expect from their purchases. 

  • Why would customers use iKon Mall instead of just visiting the store's websites directly?
  • There are several reasons! First of all, we offer customers a more intuitive browsing experience by arranging everything into a single, centralized space—complete with interactive features like chat.

    Secondly, we offer customers the option to watch videos from their favorite brands and to try on clothes virtually with our augmented reality feature.

    Finally, we’re committed to regularly adding new stores and other exciting digital features that will keep them coming back.

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