Virtual E-Commerce for Businesses

Welcoming You Into The $1.1 Billion 3D Marketplace

3D Mall Overview


Brand Awareness

Seamless Shopping

Low Startup Cost

360 Movement

Customers will be able to move freely around the mall in 3rd person view with a 360 capability.

Product Catalog

Each retailer will have their products on a catalog that will pop-up upon entrance to their store.

600 Store Capacity

Customers can shop in up to 600 stores across 3 different mall levels.


Premium customers will have the option to put items on layaway, and return to purchase.

Our Mission

To provide the ultimate shopping experience through a 3D virtual shopping mall, and in turn facilitate business growth. 

Our Vision

To ease and improve lives through convenient digital shopping.



3D Reality Immersive Experience

Using most mobile devices, shoppers can create avatars that walkthrough, view and explore products in the visual store. This provides a real-world in-store shopping experience.


Personalized Design

Each space and visual merchandising is built and rendered in high definition 3D to suit what our clients envision.


Convenient Shopping

Users have varied means to explore, search, and purchase items by either searching by category or walking through the store. Also using either of the aforementioned methods, products can be added to carts or wish list.



iKon Mall offers a seamless easy way to put orders on layaway for a maximum of 72 hrs to help store owners secure orders and for customers to be able to pay at their convenience.



The mall offers premium customers the opportunity to apply for discounts through our third-party system that verifies data that has been inputted. Discounts are able to be used in all 600 stores in iKon Mall once approved by our system.



iKon Mall has created a feature for customers to use to keep track of all items that have been purchased in the app. The “Closet” feature saves all items to your profile and allows you to view each item one by one, and also allows you to match purchased items with items you wish to purchase for look, color, and style in the future.

Build a store in 4 simple stages


Apply to become a store

Once our customer service receives your request, we will review your information and send you an approval.


Design Implementation

Once approved, you will receive a notification that your store is ready, and it's time to approve your documents.


Store Setup

The store owner will receive notification that their store is ready for setup and product uploads.


Grand Opening

The ribbon cutting ceremony has been done, and it is time to open your doors.

Get In Touch

If you would like to enquire about becoming a retailer, or have any questions please fill out the below form and our team will be in touch.